If you have a puppy with a two-syllable name ending in an “ee” sound, a name which you absent-mindedly appropriate while warbling the unique opening to a certain Sondheim musical for no apparent reason, your puppy will be overcome with joy and confusion by the repetition of his name in varying tones and begin to lick your face compulsively while sitting on your audition sides. You will then stop singing, out of concern for his mental well-being and your sides. He will forget this happened and promptly go back to sleep. You will find it impossible to get on with your evening without sampling one complete version of said song, because this song does that to a person. Especially if you’ve done the show twice, and a different track in each production. It is like that time in the third grade when you spent the year memorizing the counties of the state of Washington. You will always remember.

Company by Sondheim