In which we catch up

I recently realized I let these posts languish for nigh on half a year, which in Internet time is a criminal length. So, let’s catch up. Highlights for the second half of 2013 included:

~ Appearing in two staged readings of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars as Princess Leia, thereby fulfilling a major fantasy of my eighth-grade self, and scratching my verse itch in a great way. Thanks to ReAct’s Artistic Director David Hsieh for the opportunity, author Ian Doescher for penning this Shakes-cum-geeky delight and joining us at reading #2, and the local Star Wars fans who came and partook with unrestrained gusto. I feel as though I might have gotten a taste of what Shakespeare’s actors might have experienced in the Globe Theatre with rowdy groundling audience members, and it’s awfully fun. I recommend it.

~ Music directing A Child’s Christmas in Wales at Stone Soup Theatre for the holiday season. I’ve long been both a singer and devotee of choral/ensemble music, and it was such a treat to work on multi-part harmony with a game and tuneful cast. One of my favorite intersections of performing arts is where music– sung and played– meets robust acting technique, and I find that I love working on this in performing, directing, and coaching capacities.

~ Launching my full-time freelance career a scant two weeks ago. It’s really too new to report back definitively, but so far it’s energizing, exciting, and engaging.

What’s coming up in 2014? All in good time, I say. More on that soon!