Handel’s Messiah

“Director Rob Scherzer has inserted characterization into Messiah and has customized the message of community in one evening of singularly eloquent self-reflection. The people on stage singing to the audience are not separated from the audience by fifty feet and a million instruments, they look like us. They grieve and rejoice and laugh and embrace and cry and fear. They are us.” – Jennifer Nöel Klouse, Copious Love Suggests

Kiss of the Spider Woman by John Kander, Fred Ebb, & Terrence McNally

“Best of all, no one in the large ensemble feels like just a company member, a supporting player, but each is an individual and distinct person in the world of the play […] Valentin’s lost love on the outside, Marta, was attractively performed by Julia Beers.” – Jerry Kraft,

Yellow Face by David Henry Hwang

“Richard Nguyen Sloniker, Stephanie Kim and Julia Beers handle their varying characters with ease and grace and turn in some of the most real performances in the show […]” –

“Stephanie Kim and Julia Beers also show great range in the variety of girlfriends and other roles they play.” – Seattle Gay News

“The 7 of them amazingly pull off a total of 92 characters in the play where none of them feel out of place.” –  Seattle Chinese Times

“The exploration is aided by a versatile ensemble who portray a nearly endless parade of personalities […] it is the ensemble’s dedication to Hwang’s vision that helps to put the evening over the top.” – Seattlest

The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder

“As Gladys, the Antrobus’ daughter, Julia Beers plays the perfect little girl like Judy Garland on uppers, to hilarious effect.” – Seattle Gay News

“Julia Beers as the whiny princess daughter, Amelia Meckler as the fortune teller, and ensemble members Ben Cournoyer, Ray Irvin and Patrick Lennon all have compelling moments in the play’s headlong rush through the history of the world.” – Seattle Times